What elements of an essay represent the backbone that youd use as the basis of an outline

That structure is fleshed out and amplified by details and evidence that support the topic sentences and thesis. Because it is more simple to write one or two letters than a wordand also these symbols are valid in all languages. How do you turn an outline into an essay? Causes of the Great Depression.

What elements of an essay represent the backbone that youd use as the basis of an outline

Possible responses to an attack 3. Entries in Wikipedia outlines do not include the standard alpha-numeric prefixes because they would make headings look awkward in the Table of Contents generated by the wiki-software which automatically includes prefix paths.

Manually adding prefixes to headings would cause the Table of Contents to have interfering prefixes. List entries within an outline article's sections are usually prefixed by bullets or numbers, because these don't show up in an article's automatically generated Table of Contents.


Standard outline alpha-numerics are not employed even at this level, because having not been used in the higher levels contained within the section headings, they would make no sense and would be useless for representing entry paths similar to the file paths on a home computer, using prefixes instead of filenames.

Wikipedia outlines are a hybrid between topic outlines and sentence outlines[ edit ] Traditional outlines come in two basic types: Sentence outlines — outlines comprised of sentences. Sentence outlines are usually created in preparation for writing a document such as an essay or book.

Topic outlines — outlines in which the entries are topics. Topic outlines are often used to summarize the itineraries of academic courses in college, breaking a course down into the topics planned for study.

What elements of an essay represent the backbone that youd use as the basis of an outline

Wikipedia outlines are not limited to one or the other. In an open working environment like a wiki, where expansion is easily facilitated and innovation is encouraged, topic outlines provide excellent starting points for building sentence outlines.

Sentences are useful for clarification, wherever it is needed. Many outlines present entries that include both a topic and a sentence in the form of an annotation. In many cases the topic is linked, and a descriptive annotation has been included to aid in topic selection to help the reader choose which topics he wishes to click on to learn more about.

Most Wikipedia outlines are reverse outlines[ edit ] Traditional outlines are usually created as a planning tool for a writing project, such as for writing an essay assigned to students by their teacher, or by an author writing a book.

Such outlines are developed before the document is composed. This was the role in which the Encyclopedia Britannica built its Outline of Knowledge: Only a few of the outlines were created for early content planning on Wikipedia and those weren't even in outline format at the time.

By the time the rest got started, Wikipedia was already quite extensive due to its wiki-natureso outline development took advantage of this by outlining what was already there and using that as a starting point for the further development of each outline.

In academic and writing fields, reverse outlines serve as a revision tool, for improving an existing work, and while they work well for this purpose on Wikipedia, Wikipedia outlines are intended as published documents in their own right.

This is because the terms presented in them are hyperlinked to the rest of the encyclopedia making outlines an excellent navigation aidand because tree structures are a useful form of presentation due to their graphical format and degree of organization.

Wikipedia outlines are subject outlines[ edit ] While traditional outlines summarize other documents, the scope of each Wikipedia outline is an entire subject independent of any specific written work about it, Wikipedia and its articles not withstanding.

The focus of each outline is its subject, not necessarily Wikipedia's or any other publication's incomplete coverage of it. They are subject outlines as opposed to document outlines.

The Topics

Wikipedia outlines are a type of article, and like other articles, they describe the external world. As structured list articles, outline articles differ from standard articles primarily by their format. Why do we have outlines in addition to? Occasionally, an editor will notice that outlines overlap in scope and function with another type of page, and wonder why we have both.

In general, it is because outlines are optimized for browsing and for showing a subject's structure. And because readers vary in their learning styles: For more information about redundancy between Wikipedia's info navigation systems, and its benefits, see WP: What is an outline of knowledge?

Its scope is everything known by humankind.Informative essays that define provide their explanation using one of three methods: They can use synonyms to explain what the new term is similar to, categories to help the reader see where the.

The Articles of Confederation were put into effect in March of , just a few months before the victory at Yorktown. The Articles linked the 13 states together to deal with common problems, but in practice they did little more than provide a legal basis for the limited authority that the Continental Congress was already exercising.

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