The psychic religion show

As the senior writer for Spiritual Biz Magazine, my articles tend to revolve around esoteric and controversial subjects. I find that too often the general public keeps their conversation at an elementary level as not to disrupt the fragile belief systems of others. In my line of work, I communicate every week with individuals who possess extraordinary abilities. These include psychics, clairvoyants, channelers, empaths, mediums, etc.

The psychic religion show

DuBois said Old Norse religion and other pre-Christian belief systems in Northern Europe must be viewed as "not as isolated, mutually exclusive language-bound entities, but as broad concepts shared across cultural and linguistic lines, conditioned by similar ecological factors and protracted economic and cultural ties".

Many skaldic verses are preserved in sagas. Of the originally heathen works, we cannot know what changes took place either during oral transmission or as a result of their being recorded by Christians; [38] [39] the sagas of Icelandersin particular, are now regarded by most scholars as more or less historical fiction rather than as detailed historical records.

In the Middle Ages, several Christian commentators also wrote about Scandinavian paganism, mostly from a hostile perspective. Theophoric place-names, including instances where a pair of deity names occur in close proximity, provide an indication of the importance of the cult of those deities in different areas, dating back to before our earliest written sources.

Magnus Olsen developed a typology of such The psychic religion show in Norway, from which he posited a development in pagan worship from groves and fields toward the use of temple buildings.

It may have had links to Nordic Bronze Age: Some of these areas, such as Iceland, the Orkneys, Shetland, and the Faroe Island, were hardly populated, whereas other areas, such as England, Scotland, the Western Isles, Isle of Man, and Ireland, were already heavily populated.

Christianization of Scandinavia The Nordic world first encountered Christianity through its settlements in the already Christian British Isles and through trade contacts with the eastern Christians in Novgorod and Byzantium.

On returning to Norway, he kept his faith largely private but encouraged Christian priests to preach among the population; some pagans were angered and—according to Heimskringla —three churches built near Trondheim were burned down.

The psychic religion show

Private, albeit not public, pagan sacrifices and rites were to remain legal. We also have depictions of some of these stories on picture stones in Gotland and in other visual record including some early Christian crosses, which attests to how widely known they were.

Archaeological evidence on worship of particular gods is sparse, although placenames may also indicate locations where they were venerated. For some gods, particularly Loki[] [] [] there is no evidence of worship; however, this may be changed by new archaeological discoveries.

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Regions, communities, and social classes likely varied in the gods they venerated more or at all. Although our literary sources are all relatively late, there are also indications of change over time.

The psychic religion show

Very few Vanir are named in the sources: As far back as Sophus Bugge suggested this was the inspiration for the myth of Lucifer.

Snorri describes them as a group of three, but he and other sources also allude to larger groups of norns who decide the fate of newborns. Fylgjurguardian spirits, generally female, were associated with individuals and families. There then appeared a giant, Ymirand after him the gods, who lifted the earth out of the sea.

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I think it is worth pointing out the origin of the word “religion”. It dates back to the beginning of the 1 st century BC and comes from the latin root word “Religio”, “Re” meaning again and “Ligio” meaning to connect.

Therefore, the word religion means to reconnect. It was known as the proper inner practice of obtaining communion with the . Meticulously designed, it is reflective of the religion’s intricate, all-comprising doctrines and beliefs—drawn from a diversity of religions and civilizations, including Christianity.

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Archangel Selaphiel, also known as Zerachiel, is a motivating and compassionate angel who assists us in the very act of praying. In fact, his name actually means “one who prays to God” or “the prayer of God”.

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