Sun business plan

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Sun business plan

Have a sun business plan plan and clear goals The Lowell Sun Updated: Whether it's a changing economy, concerns about mobility, unexpected life circumstances or simply a desire for something new, many of us have thought about a career change.

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But even when you're excited to do so, changing careers can feel overwhelming. So knowing where to focus your energies and what commitments you need to make can make the transition more successful and more fun.

Knowing what field you want to go into isn't enough. First, find out what areas within your desired field are in high demand. Industries and sub-specialties can vary wildly by geographic location.

Even in careers that cross industries, such as IT, finance and human resources, it's important to do your homework.

sun business plan

While there will be baseline knowledge and requirements that you'll need to have across the field, how sun business plan HR professional talks about her work in biotech will be different than if she works at a university. Once you know what's in demand, you will be able to better prepare yourself.

Once you have an idea of what you'll need to enter the field, start learning. Get any professional certificates you need and take any courses that will get you up to speed on the most recent information in your new field.

While you need to understand the broad strokes of the field, also research the specifics for the sub-field you're considering. Advertisement We're lucky to live in an era with an abundance of resources for adult learners, but if timing is an issue explore online resources.

Classroom learning, though, is not enough. Once you have a knowledge base that you feel comfortable with, reach out to your network and "interview" people who already work in your new field.

Find out what their days are like, what jargon they use, and what skills they've found most useful. Ask what steps you should take next. And find out the questions you haven't asked but should. This is not only good practice for future interviews, it will help clarify how else you need to prepare.

Think about the skills your interviewees told you were most useful.

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It's likely you already have quite a few of them, but are using them in a different context. Broadening your preconceived notion of what you're good at, and what you do, is imperative. Next to each task, write the skill or skills associated with it.

sun business plan

Sometimes the skill will be technical -- database management. Sometimes it will be a softer skill, such as creative problem solving. Because you're changing fields, what you've done in the past matters, but in a new way.

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Remember to practice talking about why you're changing careers. You want to be sure you're stressing the experiences that best reflect the new skills you'll need. Employers need to know -- and you need to believe that you aren't going into your new career with no experience, but with many easily transferable ones and a unique perspective that will make you valuable to them.

Changing careers may not be easy, but with a strong plan and clear goals in place, it will be exciting and rewarding.

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