Publishing business plan sample

Description of the Business Concept: We are an informational publishing company which provides analysis citing key trends in various industries to our subscribers. The Wonderkind's focus allows students to discuss business matters most relevant to them and their Wall Street analyst counterparts-—current market and product trends, social issues, and general stock market dynamics-—and decipher how these phenomena translate into current investment opportunities. This foundational base will be used as a marketing tool to encourage motivated students from any university to submit their own original investment ideas to be considered for publication on the website and newsletter of The Wonderkind.

Publishing business plan sample

The plan can not only help you obtain necessary financing, it outlines your strategy for success in writing. Research Before you begin writing your plan, it is necessary to do extensive research on your industry, target market and competition.

If you plan to start a magazine publishing company, you will need to know what the state of the magazine industry is. What are the problems facing magazine publishers? How will your company thrive in spite of current industry challenges?

It is also important to research your target market. In the magazine publishing example, this would be your prospective advertisers and subscribers.

What needs will your company need to meet in order to satisfy advertisers? What information need can you satisfy for your readers? Finally, you will need to examine existing companies offering similar products.

Make a chart of each competitor's strengths and weaknesses, then do the same for your prospective company.

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Writing the Plan Although there is no exact formula for developing a business plan, most plans contain three main sections.

The first function of your business plan describes your business in detail. This includes a detailed outline of the products your company will offer, whether it is magazines, books or websites.

How your business will function daily is also a part of this plan. Will you have employees? Who will you use for printing and distribution?

The description of your business will also outline your company's competition and its marketing plan. Financial data is very important for every business plan, especially if you are seeking funding for your business.

This is the most difficult part of the business plan for many would-be publishers. A good financial section should include a current balance sheet, three-year sales and cash flow projections and a break-even analysis. A business plan also requires a host of supporting documents. Tax returns for all company principals from the last three years and current personal financial statements are usually required.

Resumes from all principals should be included. Letters of intent from potential advertisers or suppliers can be included if you have them.

publishing business plan sample

In addition, if you have proposed contracts or media kits you can include them in your supporting documents.The Print Book Business Plan: Robin Cutler. an online author conference that showcases the best self-publishing advice and education for authors across the world — harnessing the global reach of the Alliance of Independent Authors’s network.

Our self-publishing conference features well-known indie authors and advisors, for 24 sessions. Writing a business plan for your prospective publishing company is one of the most important tasks related to starting your business.

The plan can not only help you obtain necessary financing, it outlines your strategy for success in writing. Business Plan for New Publishers I started my publishing company without writing out a business plan, but I'd been involved in publishing for years as a trade author and had failed in a previous attempt at publishing in the old offset press model, so I had a pretty good idea what I was about.

Business Analysis Publishing Business Plan. This is a business analysis publishing sample business plan. The Wonderkind is a start-up company which offers subscribers business and/or investment analysis from driven business students through the medium of Internet forums and paper publications.

Building a 5 year Business Plan the plan. A publishing business plan needs to cover all of the major ele-ments of the process. Your editorial plan should describe the books you will be publishing.

The sample summary from a marketing plan in your handouts shows. Every business benefits from smart business planning. Check out these sample business plans for magazine publishers, newsletter publishing, video television production, magazine journalists, music recording producers, theatrical music producers, and other publishing and production related business.

The Publishing Business Plan - 7 Essential Elements