Modele dune dissertation

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Modele dune dissertation

Knowing oneself, it is superior wisdom]. Lao-Tze This paper has been motivated by the humanistic importance of knowing oneself. It introduces a qualitative methodology using auto-interviewing, auto-ethnography and critical incident methodology for eliciting self-conceptualised worldview.

The paper follows a two-part reporting structure. The first part presents the anthropological methodological approach used. It provides a justification for using a critical auto-interviewing process methodology in Section 2.

Then it gives an overview of the three-stage baseline cultural data collection and analysis for this autobiographical introspective study, that is emic reporting in Sections 2. The second part of the paper uses auto-ethnography and reports two critical cultural incidents, then it explains how their cultural meanings were derived and incorporated into an evolving synergetic worldview.

These interpretations were brought together to present my worldview model explaining my support for cultural diversity, linguistic plurality and inter-cultural tolerance. Describing the Process Method for Worldview Conceptualisation This part of the paper describes three aspects of the methodology.

First, it seeks to highlight the appropriateness and cultural sensitivity of auto-interview methodology for worldview conceptualisation in Section 2. Then, it expounds the two-step methodological process of emic auto-ethnography in Section 2.

It introduces the etic critical incident biographical modality used to elicit worldview self-conceptualisation. However, without guidance, experience and patience this process can, for many, result in nothing more than nothing more than pointless self-absorbing introspective "navel gazing" excessive subjectivity and self-delusion.

This paper brings together some more modern tools of qualitative enquiry to suggest a Modele dune dissertation rigorous process for uncovering the royal road to self-knowledge—to shed light on ethical and ideological principles which have forged from lived experiences. Critical auto-interviewing is a process method which presupposes spontaneous reflexivity and critical awareness.

This methodology recognises, from an anthropological perspective, that: In other words, I was aware that what caught my attention, what stirred my emotion, and what I chose to report, were an expression of my own cultural code.

As a process method, it was then used for the construction of individual history. This autobiographical paper followed that methodology and used the author's reconstructed life history exploratively to facilitate an insight into her evolving worldview. The value of this approach is that it helps to discover the "basic set of assumptions that gives meaning to one's thoughts I should also mention at this point that it is for this same purpose that I used a totalist view of culture to select critical cultural events which shaped my worldview.

In other words, I referred to culture as the totality of a people's "way of life" including knowledge, beliefs and all forms of cultural expression, such as language, kinship structures, customs and cultural rituals, dress, art and music etc.

In this way, I could use my observations of cultural expressions as a departure point to ask myself the significance of these cultural phenomena which I observed. These observations served as baseline cultural phenomenological data. These observed phenomena were then analysed from a mentalist view of culture, described by VIVELO as "an ideational or conceptual system, i.

This analysis was emically guided with the intent to penetrate the cultural milieu and unravel the symbolic significance of these observed phenomena for its members.

The next section briefly outlines the two-step emic process for critical auto-interviewing in auto-ethnography. Memory recollection used a visual mode of response to past lived experiences which prompted an immediate sensory response in the form of a wordless succession of colourful vivid images from the different cultures with which I interacted.

A chain of visual flashes came to fill my mind with faces, objects, places, ritualistic behaviours like photographed images from many different places in Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean. These were the raw data used for transcription of self-generated emic data. The purpose was to create meaningful contextualised narratives for analysis 3.

To this effect, I described each event whilst being aware that the subjective recollection of the event enhanced the event itself.

Modele dune dissertation

The narratives were used both as descriptive and interpretive methodological tools for constructing my personal history, thus re creating reality.

These narratives formed transformative experiences which could be comprehended in their totality. I was aware, nevertheless, that by using a narrative methodology I would use rhetorical devices to present the self-image I intended to project, be it consciously or unconsciously, to the reader and myself.

I became the protagonist, the hero of an unavoidably subjective re-constructed multi-event life story YOUNGpp. Emic reporting rests upon an enrichment of recollected past events of which the recollection is characteristically stronger, more intense than the past lived instances 4.Auto-Interviewing, Auto-Ethnography and Critical Incident Methodology for Eliciting a Self-Conceptualised Worldview Béatrice Boufoy-Bastick Abstract: Knowing oneself has been an age-old humanistic concern for many western and oriental philosophers.

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The small vertebrates from El Harhoura 2 and El Mnasra are the subject of a doctoral dissertation (Stoetzel n.d.). Even if it may be premature to give detailed information on climate and landscape, the microfaunal study appears very promising, given the quantity and diversity of the material.

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