Marketing research consumer behaviour question paper

Why do energy conservation policies mobilise the behavioural sciences rather than the social sciences? A few lessons from the emergence of the behaviour change agenda in Japan Behaviour change policies have been gaining momentum since the s, especially in the energy conservation field. At the same time, studies about energy consumption behaviours and practices have been increasing. They are usually categorised into two approaches, namely behavioural and socio-anthropological, which have both gained legitimacy and become institutionalised.

Marketing research consumer behaviour question paper

Or, have you seen them in other surveys, and questioned if this was the right way to go? You are not alone. Many clients have often wondered about the suitability of certain types of questions in the standard survey format. And they are right to wonder.

Typical survey questions are good at getting at issues directly. So if we want to know if a consumer is satisfied with a product, we just ask it outright.

Yes, there are plenty of discussions about the number of scale points, anchor point wording, use of mid-points etc, but ultimately it is still a direct question. We expect the respondent to understand it, perhaps think a little, and then answer it as best she can.

Other questions may require more effort. Ranking a set of features or asking for a new feature addition in an open-ended format may require deeper thinking on the part of the consumer, but it is still the same basic process.

A question is asked directly and the respondent understands the question and its intent, and answers it.

Consumer Behavior

To put it another way, the consumer tells us what they think. Now consider the first question we posed — What impact will this ad have on your purchase likelihood? There is more going on with this question than with a direct satisfaction question. We are not asking if the respondent likes the ad, but whether it will influence something else in this case her purchasing decision.

So the respondent has dual tasks — deciding what she thinks about the ad, and then expressing whether it will influence her purchase decision.

Marketing research consumer behaviour question paper

The former is easy, but the latter is more fraught. Because she now has to expose herself in some way that might make her uncomfortable.

Many people do not want to think or say that they are influenced by trivial things like advertising. But we know that reality is more complex than that. Research in Behavioral Economics has shown that purchase decisions are affected by all kinds of environmental stimuli. More importantly, it has shown that people are not conscious of this happening, how fast it can happen and how easily it can happen.

Consider a study done to test the impact of the Apple logo. You remember — the one that looks like a bitten apple?

Consumer & Organizational Buyer Behavior

People exposed to that Apple logo were subsequently shown to be more creative than those exposed to the IBM logo. Think about that for a second. Mere exposure to a corporate logo nothing more actually made people more creative.

But, of course, no consumer is going to think that can happen. In other studies people have purchased more, simply when put in a certain mindset with a simple manipulation see the shopping momentum effect research by our friends at Yale School of Management.

Even if consumers knew that such effects were possible they would never admit to that. So, how do we deal with these issues in a survey? We follow what researchers in Behavioral Economics do. Rather than asking consumers to tell us the answer we ask them to show us.

Rather than ask this question directly in the survey, let us set up a simple between-subjects experimental design also commonly known as a monadic design. One group of randomly chosen respondents will see ad treatment A, while a second group will see ad treatment B or be part of a control cell with no ad treatment.

Allocating respondents randomly to these two treatments is crucial; if not, we cannot control for the impact of extraneous factors. Each group sees only its own treatment and they are both asked the same question.

Not the one about the influence of the ad on their purchase decision, but a more straightforward question about their likelihood to purchase the product. That is, we show the ad and have them tell us what they would do, and therefore infer the impact of the ad. The middle part about getting respondents to tell us what they think perfectly fits the survey framework we ask, they understand, think, and respond.

But the crucial difference comes in the first and third parts.Journal of International Consumer Marketing, –, DOI: / Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior: A Review of Research Findings MariekedeMooij Geert Hofstede ABSTRACT.

Most aspects of consumer behavior are culture-bound. Much research on cross-cultural consumer behavior has used the Hofstede dimensional. Do you really know consumer behavior? 4 questions that will help you re-evaluate how much you understand about your customer purchasing behavior.

4 Questions You Need to Ask About Consumer Behavior. Marketing Sales Management + Leadership Sales Representative. Apr 13, How do your customers research your product? Archetypal Analysis in Marketing Research: A New Way of Understanding Consumer physical science and mathematics, but was only introduced to the field of marketing research in This paper compares archetypal analysis to more traditional established and can be found in any marketing or consumer behavior textbook.

Marketing research consumer behaviour question paper

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What are some good research paper topics about human behavior? What are they? What are some research topics for consumer behavior in a digital world? What are some research topics related to . Example Answers to Questions on Consumer Behaviour. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Research purchase.

This is based on organizing and integrating new information with what is already stored in the consumer’s memory. (Marketing ƒ¨€ Consumer Focus ƒ¨€ Product made for the consumer needs). In your opinion- for a brief consumer research, what will be the 5 most crucial questions that can you can ask your potential consumers that will give you vital insights to help in your strategic decision making.

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