Fun second grade writing activities

This recurring lesson, which is meant to be conducted each Monday, asks students to write about one "newsworthy" event or activity from their weekend. Each session includes a minute writing minlesson based on what students have demonstrated that they need to know from the previous week. Students then write for approximately 20 minutes, applying their knowledge about spelling and grammar as they work.

Fun second grade writing activities

Making Math Meaningful This th Day of School writing on what they liked and didn't like so far about first grade stopped us in our tracks. We are in our second year of a new math adoption, and our class has made it pretty clear how they feel about math in our classroom this year. Are you hearing us We knew something had to change.

I hated math as a child growing up and I had the self-confidence about it to boot. I promised myself I would never allow one of my students to feel the way I felt about the subject. Something had to change! So we put our heads together and came up with some supplemental math materials that kick the "No math please" pleas to the curb!

Kids are most comfortable when they know what they're talking about. We use these all the time On our word wall, in our pocket chart, in centers, and the kids love using them to play math vocabulary games too!

We put the word cards on rings and keep them available for the taking. We are amazed at how they find new ways to practice and play with their peers. We also turned our Math Chat vocabulary into math dictionaries inspired by our Spelling Dictionaries. We leave these available at all of our tables for students to use.

Building math fact fluency is a year-long process. We give our students as many opportunities to practice their math facts all year. One quick and easy way we do this is through games. Our Addition Math Fact Fluency Games are quick, copy and go activities that are differentiated for all of our students.

We spend the first few weeks of school teaching them how to play, then we leave them out and available day after day.


When our students are ready, we dig into formal math fact fluency assessments. Once we've assessed, we begin our favorite way to build math fact fluency in our students. But, there's a key It has to be fun! We use Big Fish Math in our classroom, and our students beg for it week after week.

We adjust the time to set our students up for success.

Math Salamanders Second Grade Math Games

We are not in the business of making kids cry over math. Been there, done that as a child and we will not scar any other mathematicians in the world. We keep this activity light, fun, and motivating for our students.

If they struggle, we differentiate. Every student works on their own math fact fluency at their own pace and in their own place. We've been using timed math for over 15 years and haven't had a single tear shed yet.

fun second grade writing activities

So, we say timed tests? Math moves quickly and without proper review, the skills of today are lost by tomorrow! So, we begin each math session with some independent practice.Fun Writing Activities 5th Grade Activities Reggio Art Activities All About Me Activities Kindergarten Name Activities Get To Know You Activities Name Writing Activities Summer School Activities First Week "Second grade writing: When to start a new paragraph" "The Conventions trait is the mechanical correctness of the writing and includes.

fun second grade writing activities

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This writing center resource for second grade includes printable writing activities for all year long, lesson plans to introduce the activities, writing center tools and supports, and kid-friendly directions!

This resource provides 4/5(12). Use this change of season to teach students about the weather, nature and poetry with these fun activities and lesson plans!

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Students will learn about leaves with art activities and enjoy the scenery by writing . In this language arts worksheet, your child gets practice decoding erroneous compound words, correcting them, and writing accurate compound words.

Conjunctions Conjunctions are words that join sentences. Free creative writing activities for kindergarten-sixth grade.

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2nd Grade Writing Prompts #3: Spring