Expert directory in knowledge management

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Expert directory in knowledge management

For law departments, it supports more efficient and effective operation. In a market where clients demand value and efficiency, KM is an essential approach to reducing cost while maintaining quality. KM captures and reuses lawyers' collective wisdom. It consists of both processes and systems that identify, save, profile, disseminate, and use prior work and accumulated expertise to solve legal and business problems.

KM means many things to many people; this short article provides an overview of how leading legal KM professionals view their own discipline. This includes the recent expansion of KM to lead or support legal project management and process improvement. Work product is any substantive document lawyers create; in contrast, precedents refer to vetted, more general documents specifically designed for regular reference and reuse.

Precedents can include legal research, templates of litigation filings, model transaction documents, and checklists. Early work product retrieval systems relied on key word or "Boolean" searches. These systems turned out to be only somewhat helpful because they often yielded too many irrelevant results.

Moreover, even a relevant result might prove not as helpful as hoped because it is so situation specific. The limited reuse value of work product led lawyers to try to develop precedents.

They quickly discovered, however, that creating precedents requires dedicated resources.

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Good intentions notwithstanding, busy lawyers lack the time to convert client-specific documents into a more general precedents. To address this gap, law firms hired professional support lawyers PSLs whose job includes creating precedents. They also monitor legal updates and perform other functions.

PSLs are expensive and typically not billable. Of note is that U. Law departments typically do not have any PSLs on staff. The explosion in the volume of email has challenged not only PSLs, but also lawyers. Many lawyers now dispense advice via email.

Furthermore, too many lawyers use email software such as Outlook as a way to manage documents instead of using central document management systems.

Capturing and reusing the advice rendered in email turns out to be even harder than doing the same with documents. Finding Experienced Colleagues Turns Out to be More Valuable than Finding Documents Even when lawyers can find relevant document, precedents, and email messages with good content, these materials have less reuse value than one might expect.

The context in which they were originally used is very important to understanding and reusing them; rarely, however, do lawyers capture that context. A few firms and departments do engage in AARs, but that is the exception. Consequently, KM emphasis had to shift from finding documents to finding experts.

The expert could both identify useful documents and explain their context and use. Early expertise location efforts relied primarily on self-rating. These attempts almost always failed because lawyers would not participate and, if they did, they typically under- or over-rated themselves.

Smart Enterprise Search Solves Document and Experience Challenges Aroundtechnology emerged that helped address the challenges of PSL costs, absence of context, increasing email volume, and an inability to systematically identify experienced experts.

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These systems also demonstrated that finding a related matter is very helpful, as finding a case similar to the one at hand identifies both lawyers with experience and relevant documents.Courtroom Insight’s expert witness directory offers significant information related to expert witness credentials, experience and performance.

However, attorneys and legal researchers sometimes require additional assistance with locating an expert with very specific, difficult to locate expertise.

Knowledge Management Solution. Expert. Profiling an organization’s experts – Collaboration at work The story below explains how collaboration and knowledge management successfully helped our organization, and specifically one specific employee, to meet the requirements of their role and in doing so further the success of the organization.

An expert is someone with . Category Management is a strategic approach which organises procurement resources to focus on specific areas of spends.

This enables category managers to focus their time and conduct in depth market analysis to fully leverage their procurement decisions on behalf of the whole organisation. Courtroom Insight: Enhances Expert Witness Knowledge Management Platform By Jean O'Grady on February 19, Courtroom Insight was originally designed to as a Yelp-type directory to enable litigators to locate and share insights about expert witnesses.

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Expert directory in knowledge management

Click here for a ranked list of KM Definitions shared by others - . Expert Directory In Knowledge Management * Knowledge Retention Strategies in Industries * A brief introduction Knowledge management is the systematic process of finding, selecting, organizing, distilling and presenting information.

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