Expat s perception of pakistan

Member KLepo shares great tips for living in Pakistan In late November, we began a series of threads on our country forums entitled, "10 Tips for Living in We thank all of you who posted your tips and encourage readers to continue to post more tips by visiting your country's forum and looking for the thread "10 Tips for Living in

Expat s perception of pakistan

Retrieved Sep 28 from https: The OICCI has proposed the government to simplify the complex taxation system, including Customs and broadening the tax base through use of data and technology.

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The OICCI has also recommended the government to boost export under a structured programme, especially of services sector. It has also proposed to review and revise Free Trade Agreements and Preferential Trade Agreement with other countries.

This is at par with the total new FDI received in the country during Once again OICCI members emerged as the largest tax contributors in the country with a total contribution in excess of Rs one trillion.

Wahab added "the OICCI members survey re-affirms the confidence of existing foreign investors, who believe in the high economic and investment potential of Pakistan.

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The need to continue aggressive documentation of the economy to broaden the tax base will significantly strengthen the revenue base of the country.

Furthermore there are immense opportunities to transform Pakistan into "Digital Pakistan" with the objectives to increase ease of doing business, enhance transparency, improve Govt2Govt, Govt2Citizen services, thereby encouraging longer term investment into Services sector and export oriented industries.

OICCI members employ around one million people and are leading stakeholders on the CSR front benefiting a very large population all over the country. Copyright Gale, Cengage Learning.Living in Pakistan In this part of the Expat Guide, we tell you more about healthcare, transport and education in Pakistan.

Both the scenery and architecture on offer in Pakistan are attractive and in some places breathtaking. Pakistan is quite a part of the nearly global boom of the Real Estate market.

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The prices have been rising steadily for quite some time now. The property in prime locations of cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad is in high demand among both realtors and consumers. Responding to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call for fund raising to build mega dams, Pakistanis expats in Dubai have raised $, in a gathering also attended by Senator Faisal Javed Khan.

Student’s perceptions of educational environment across multiple undergraduate medical institutions in Pakistan using DREEM inventory Nazish Imran, 1 Faiza Khalid, 2 Imran Ijaz Haider, 3 Masood Jawaid, 4 Muhammad Irfan, 5 Asmah Mahmood, 6.

This community-based observational study of 1, women seen for antenatal care examined how women in Pakistan define violence against women (VAW), with an emphasis on domestic violence, what an acceptable response to violence is, reasons for remaining silent, and whether participants are willing to disclose incidents of domestic violence to others.

Expat s perception of pakistan

Living in Pakistan being a foreigner is a normal and routine matter. Thousands of foreigners are living a happy life in Pakistan and they are in all major cities.

They are enjoying their lives.

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