Danim cw2 sem2 2014 2015

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Danim cw2 sem2 2014 2015

The decision not to allow veterans on motorcycles many of them Vietnam Vets themselves escort The Wall That Heals not the Moving Wall as stated in the article into town is a shame the city of Decatur and residents of Wise County will not soon live down.

These veterans on two wheels who are nameless in the article written by Mandy Bourgeois are called the Patriot Guard Riders. Bobby Harris and I feel that it's solemn and hallowed ground, and it's a memorial to our brothers who died so I don't want bikes making noise," Donovan said.

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Can you really call the names on the wall your brothers? You have no excuse, Mr. If you are indeed a Vietnam veteran, the good deeds of The Patriot Guard Riders cannot have escaped your attention. Members of the Patriot Guard perform a service no one else is willing to do.

They put themselves between the bereaved and those who would dishonor our veterans. They stand with flag in hand at funerals and memorial services. They ride countless miles in the cold and rain and wind and heat to escort a bus of soldiers deploying for Iraq and other places in the world.

Danim cw2 sem2 2014 2015

They ride, flags waving behind them to greet the soldiers who return. They provide escort for hearses of fallen soldiers returning to their homes all across the United States. They sponsor and contribute to toy drives and food drives and benefits for the families of veterans and abused children.

They do all these things without asking for your tax dollars or recognition. They do it because they are true Patriots. The Patriot Guard motto is: Riding with Respect - Standing for Those Who Stood for Us Once again, the Vietnam Vet is silenced in a rather insidious manner by the very people who profess to honor them.

When he arrived home from Vietnam there was no one to welcome him home but his family. My husband served during the Vietnam era, too. No, we have pinhead organizers in Decatur saying the Wall dedicated to soldiers who served and lost their lives should silently slide in and out of town without a proud and respectful escort of the ones who actually served beside those brave souls.

I have never witnessed a Patriot Guard escort that was disrespectful by way of excessive noise. It is my opinion The Wall should roar into town. The Vietnam Vets those memorialized on the wall and those still living deserve all the noise and fanfare and respect we can give them.

Count my husband and I, my parents Patriot Guard members all and a good many others I know willing to by-pass in the future the restaurants, antique stores, gas stations and so forth in Decatur, Texas we have formerly patronized.


Never again will we darken your prejudiced doors with our presence. Dad did indeed ride to Decatur to join fellow Patriot Guard members escort the hearse into Wichita Falls, but he did not attend the funeral as Mom was not well.

Also, to be fair here - the organizers of this event protest loudly especially Mr Donovan that they did not say bikers were not welcome but that is the quote and the paper has not printed a retraction or correction. Me thinks they do protest too much -- no matter, loose words are hard to take back no matter how much you wish you had not said them.

While organizers may say they don't want bikers at an event - they really have no right or protection under the law to forbid law-abiding citizens from attending any public event. Nor do they have a say in what sort of horse one rides in on They cannot dictate effectively who uses the highways in and out of their town.

Even the drivers of memorials like The Healing Wall cannot dictate who rides with them although they say they claim they can choose NOT to have an escort. In reality, they don't have a choice -- the roads are free people -- that's why we ride. Read the Patriot Guard Mission Statement at:Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

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Danim cw2 sem2 2014 2015

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