Bad handwriting and intelligence

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Bad handwriting and intelligence

You're More Likely to Believe Bullshit Getty We're sure that at some point, someone has told you that you can't get anywhere without an education, and for the most part, they're right.

And you're much more likely to pursue that education if you're starting out with a high IQ. According to renowned intelligenceologists who painstakingly measured every goddamn thing that you can associate with IQ, test scores were "the best single predictor of an individual's years of education.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Why? Well, their theory goes that smarter students do better in school Cracked breaks new ground yet again! So What's the Problem? It turns out that all this book learnin' is teaching you more than just the Pythagorean theorem -- it's also making it easier for you to believe some laughably wrong and even seriously weird stuff.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement One problem is that education leads to one overall inaccurate belief: You think you're smarter than you are. Three studies have found that people who fall for investment scams are better-educated than the average person but don't seek advice because they think they're immune to making mistakes.

In one study, researchers found that 94 percent of college professors think their work is superior to their peers'. These fellows fail to realize that intelligence doesn't always translate to real-world ability, and thus they tend to overestimate the quality of their work.

Sure is getting crowded at the smart end of the bell curve. Continue Reading Below Advertisement It seems to go back to the old saying about how the wisest man is the one who realizes he knows nothing. One study found that 23 percent of college freshman believed in the paranormal, compared with 31 percent of seniors and 34 percent of graduate students.

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Which leads us to wonder So self-destructive habits are traits of the low-class and stupid, right? The thing is, the great minds have something in common with proverbial death-prone kitties: Researchers have finally begun to understand the link between curiosity and intelligence on the molecular level, thanks to scientists from the University of Toronto and Mount Sinai Hospital who discovered a protein in an under-explored part of the brain that controls both traits.

It's always in the last place you look. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Makes sense. Weird shit like monkey-powered time machines can be invented only by people with enough brain smarts to make them work and enough curiosity to want to see such awesomeness in the first place.

Extra-curious people are also extra-likely to be substance abusers. British scientists published the results of a long-term study showing that smart people were more likely to be drunks.

People who fell into the "very bright" category IQs of or greater were not only more likely to experiment with alcohol but also were more likely to drink excessively and binge drink than their dimwitted counterparts.

Getty These men are living, breathing supercomputers. And yeah, they pretty much found the same link between high intelligence and psychoactive drug use. It also turns out that intelligent people are much more likely to indulge in illicit substances such as marijuana, Ecstasy, cocaine and heroin.

The smarter you are, the more likely you are to be tripping balls at any given moment. We should totally rent The Wall tonight! Well, one theory explaining the link between substance abuse and intelligence is that both alcohol and drugs are novel substances, in evolutionary terms.

Humans have been consuming alcohol for only about 10, years, and the earliest recorded drug was only 5, years ago. So when something is novel, the curiouser and most intelligent among us are more likely to want to try it out.

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Intelligent people tend to be messy, stay awake longer, and swear more. that the messy desk of geniuses is actually linked to their intelligence.

If you don't spend much time cleaning and. People who write rounded letters are more creative and artistic while pointed letters are a sign of aggression or intelligence. Connected letters mean the writer is logical. Handwriting with. Speed is a very important factor while analysing handwriting because it relates to intelligence and spontaneity of thought.

In the forward moving handwriting (from left to right), we figure out how the writer approaches the world: passionately, spontaneously, or hastily, . I'd be inclined to think that Doctors' bad handwriting is more of a product of years of fast note taking at lectures.

Add message | Report. So IME there isn't a link between handwriting and intelligence. Add message | Report. Pawslikepaddington Tue Apr No way.

bad handwriting and intelligence

My handwriting is illegible, and I am intelligent. What Your Handwriting Says About Your Intelligence Remember handwriting? It’s when you use a pen or pencil to record text on a piece of paper, but without auto-text or auto-correct.

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