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Assignment mini pip

The term media is accepted as those agents that convey news, entertainment and information. First there were books, newspapers and magazines, and then came sound recordings, radios, films and television, now there is the internet and social media.

As new advances are developing in media technology, both generations are becoming more reliant on these things and may be influenced differently. The media has become a lot more popular and is a lot easier to access.

Additionally, it is evident that media technology has been shaped by the continuous development of various technological devices, programs and ultimately all media based advancements.

A Mini Personal Interest Project (PIP) | Year 11 HSC - Society and Culture | Thinkswap

Media is an agent of solicitation which means that the media has an influence or impact on the solicitation, Roth and development of an individual and their sense Assignment mini pip identity over time. Solicitation refers to the ways in which an individual learns to become an accepted member of society and accepting the social norms and behaviors through their family, peers, community groups and the media.

How each of the agents of solicitation affect an individual is a unique experience. I have also used secondary research which involves accessing data already produced by other researchers and the researcher makes a subjective judgment about what material is useful and what is not for the purpose of the research process.

I chose Assignment mini pip do research on the internet to gain information on a broader spectrum in regards to the significant influence of media technology. With the advancement on media, people have more access to various forms of entertainment, information and communication.

With all these changes of media technology, it has changed the way we interact with other people and how we use media, so questions can be raised about how much influence this has on each generation.

Generation Y have mastered the use of media technology for many aspects of their lives as most grew up with a computer. Traditional media includes all the means of communication that existed before the internet, including books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, film and music.

New media, on the other hand, includes electronic video games, entertainment, the internet and social media. Although they are very different forms of media, they have all had an influence on Generation X and Generation Y.

A mobile device is the most popular medium of accessing the internet for both generations, but Generation Y spends most of their time on the internet socializing. Generation Y is socially more active on the internet than Generation X, with During my research, I discovered that most users of social media are consumers, either observing or lurking, rather than contribute, such as posting to social media.

The types of use of social media include, contributing, sharing, consuming, searching, participating and playing. It is clearly evident from my questionnaire that Generation Y uses more types of social media than people from Generation X.

From my questionnaire and secondary research I have revealed that Generation Y, compared to Generation X, prefer to communicate with people through e mail and text messaging rather than face-to-face contact. With Generation Y having access to basically any kind of information at their fingertips from their early teenager years, it has influenced them to rely on their technological device more than Generation X.

Generation Y switch heir attention between media devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets and television twenty-seven times per hour on average, as compared to seventeen times for previous generations such as Generation X.

Generation Y have the highest social networking penetration of any generation. During my research from my questionnaire, I have found out that both Generation X and Y agree that the media has influenced them in a positive way, as they are exposed to more information quickly, as people were dependent on newspapers and magazines for their knowledge of the outside world before the internet came along, and hey agree that they now have an easier way to communicate with family and friends.

Some also agree that it has somewhat changed for better because of the knowledge you can gain easily and the information is more broad and accessible, but they also come to an agreement that technology has changed for the worse because of bullying and because of anonymous people on the internet, which therefore can become dangerous.

I discovered that people from both generations agree that social media has had a significant impact on bullying.

Assignment mini pip

Cyber bullying affects many adolescents and teens on a daily basis. Cyber bullying involves sing technology, like mobile phones and the Internet, to bully or harass another person.

Over half of adolescents have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in accessibility. Generation Y has been shaped by the technological revolution that occurred throughout their youth. Generation X and Generation Y have grown up under completely different eras of communication.

Generation X grew up without the internet, mobile phones and social media. Before I started my research, I put together a research process where I decided on a topic question where it would it would clearly identify how media as an agent of solicitation as changed overtime.

I then put together a questionnaire that would be appropriate for both generations and where it would allow to me compare media technology on Generation X to Generation Y. As well as using a questionnaire as a research method, I decided to use secondary research, where I would search the internet to find how media has influenced generations over time.

For the duration of my research, I found that the methods of research that I chose worked effectively to answer my question. Using qualitative research it allowed me to get in depth answers, and allowed me to use closed questions as well as pen-ended questions to produce descriptive responses and gather opinions from both generations.

Using a questionnaire to answer my topic question, it allowed me to ask people from both generations their opinions on media technology, and the influence media technology has had on them.

For another use of research, using secondary research allowed me to get a broader understanding on media technology on both generations. To make my information clearer on my questionnaire, I could have asked better questions that would have allowed me to get a wider range of information on media genealogy on both generations, and could have incorporated more questions on other types of media technology.A general description of Python.

Python is a high-level general purpose programming language: Because code is automatically compiled to byte code and executed, Python is suitable for use as a scripting language, Web application implementation language, etc.

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Assignment mini pip

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