American values and assumptions essay help

They usually understand each other in terms of social issues, and share the same cultural values with other people. Althen discusses individualism, competition, privacy, equality, informality, and time about American culture in the article. Individualism is the most important value for Americans who believe that everyone are separate individual.

American values and assumptions essay help

The Environment Have you ever heard any society without values and assumptions? Your answer is probably no. American people also have values and assumptions. Their most important value is absolutely individualism and they are trained for very early ages for having a strong individualistic character in order to shape their own situations and fate.

Thus, the Americans ought to be individualistic to make their own decisions, to be independent, to have a free life. American people usually decide their own decisions because, they are trained when they are very young. This early education teaches their children to make their own decisions.

As the Althen said in I was at a local shopping mall, waiting in line to buy an Orange Julius. Behind me in the line was a woman with two children, a boy who was about three years old.

This mother forced her children for to make his own decisions because, her child should learn how to make his own decisions. However, Americans could understand this mother. The big picture is that people ought to learn to make their own decisions and with this trait Americans tend to be starting individual earlier than other people.

It is significant to have an independent life for Americans and they assume everyone else in the world too. How can people show independence? They can show if they have a special area which means, a home or a room. American people know how they show their independence and they mostly live a separate home when they graduated from high school because they ought to be independent.

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In the book entitled American Ways authored by Gary Althens highlighted nine values and assumptions shared by Americans. The nine values are individualism, competition, privacy, equality, informality, the future, change and progress, time, achievement, action, work and materialism, and directness and assertiveness/5(3).

american values and assumptions essay help

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This essay reviews the six American values that have been introduced in this course, how those values have been intertwined throughout our history and how they helped to . American Values and Assumptions. In the article “American values and assumptions,” Gary Althen () states that people within a culture have a common set of core values and expectations.

These shared values and expectations help to develop a common set of beliefs on what is acceptable or not acceptable within their culture.

american values and assumptions essay help

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American values and assumptions essay writing