3 2 evaluate methods of communicating a schools ethos mission aims and values

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3 2 evaluate methods of communicating a schools ethos mission aims and values

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The development of a mission statement is a challenging process for schools. Once this consensus has been reached it is expressed in the mission statement.

The mission statement comprises a core message: Each school has its specific goals. They relate to the promotion by the school of the intellectual, physical, social, personal, spiritual, moral and aesthetic development of all its pupils Values describe the moral code the school represents and provide a general guide to behavior and reference points in decision making.

They have to relate to the individuals and the relationships between people; and to our contribution to our society and environment. The staff should plan their daily schedule keeping the ethos, mission, aims and values of their school in mind.

For example in a Christian school the daily religious procedures will be embedded in the schedule. Anyone visiting the school should be able to observe the practice of the ethos and values. Children should be encouraged to learn as a team, respect each other and made to understand how unity can be rewarding.

Each school should have an informative and understandable Prospectus which communicates the schools ethos, missions, aims and values to the reader. It should be clear and concise, preferably written in points and in a straightforward language. If the community living in that area speak a different language for example Urdu, it would be helpful if the prospectus is available in that language too.

They should be easy to access from different places. It is difficult to convey atmosphere in writing, therefore it would be better for parent to have a look at the school on open days to understand the values better. After looking at a school prospectus, parents might still be uncertain about some points which could be explained on open days.

Also parents, not understanding English, could be helped out through a multi-linguist member of the school staff.

Pupils can support in presenting the open days representing their ethos in action. They could present their ethos and values through beautifully decorated posters and artwork. A new parent by looking at the polite behaviour and enthusiasm of school staff and pupils would want to send their child to that particular school.

3 2 evaluate methods of communicating a schools ethos mission aims and values

Schools must remember that the first impression can last a lifetime. School Website is very important method of convening the message in this computerised age.

This way the message would be accessible from everywhere at any time. It is crucial according to law for the school to have an updated website with all the information including the school policies. Parents could request for more information by sending an email directly to the school.

This would leave a bad impression on a parent who is interested in sending their child to that school. It would also be beneficial if the literature is available as an audio recording for people with weak eyesight.

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Assemblies might not be as effective as some Parents might not be able to attend an Assembly due to work or other reasons. But it is a good way of reminding the children what values the school represents. The pupils who have been particularly engaged in following the ethos and values of the school would be rewarded before everyone to awaken the interest of other pupils following their footsteps.

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There are several ways of communicating the ethos, mission, aims and values to those around us. The most important people who need to know them are the children.

The best way to inform them is by displaying the behaviour which demonstrates them. Explain How the Ethos, Mission, Aims and Values of a School May Be Reflected in Working Practices.

Essay. Some schools’ mission statement is the modern equivalent to a motto. Evaluate Methods Of Communicating a Understand School Ethos, Mission, Aims /5(1).

- Evaluate methods of communicating a school’s ethos, mission, aims and values Every schools aims and values should be communicated as much as possible in .

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